When designing, what superpower would you like to have?

Heal people. More than a power for me, let it be a power for others.

Which of your designs would you choose to survive a zombie attack?

The Minder. Device for the storage, management and dosage of pills for the elderly.

If you could go to dinner with a designer, who would you go with?

I like purists. Naoto Fukasawa, Stefan Diez, Sam Hecht, etc. I like how they solve projects.

Would you prefer to travel to the future or to the past?

To the future. I am intrigued to see if we are really making a difference to improve this world.


In what influential period of design would you like to be born?


How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives?

Practical, analytical, realistic.

If you wrote a book, what name would you put it?

US Analyze the human race.

If you could learn to do something new, what would you choose?

Agronomist. Create in the field.

What is the last book you have read?

21 lessons for the 21st century.

What could we find in your garbage basket?

Almost nothing, I consume little.

What is the best memory of your childhood?

The field and freedom.

What is the rarest object in your room?

Ceramic piece.

What is your favorite conversation topic?

Humanity in general.

If you could stay your whole life with the same age, what would it be?

25. Ripe and immature.


What do you value most in the design of a furniture wheel?

Make the wheel work for the long haul.

What if you had to design an object to put wheels what would it be?

Display cabinets. Give flexibility to retail projects. The points of sale must be dynamic.


Agustín Otegui, México.

Industrial designer and entrepreneur concerned with issues that affect our society. His work has been awarded internationally including three Red Dot Awards and has been exhibited in Mexico City, Milan, Paris, New York, London and Barcelona.
He worked in the offices of FIAT, Citroen, BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper and moved to London to work in Tangerine.
In 2009 he founded the NOS office in Mexico City, dedicated to Product Design Consulting and that same year he founded the ROCOCO brand together with Eduardo Dubost, a platform for young artists and designers, involved in furniture, interior design, accessories and decor. In 2011 I´MPOSSIBLE and Co. co-founded a group of companies focused on innovation and education.


You can see more designs Agustín Otegui here or follow him on instagram




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