When designing, what superpower would you like to have?

The superpower of always having good ideas! Sometimes some ideas that look wonderful don’t work, and I waste a lot of time trying to go down a road that just doesn’t work, so I would love to have the superpower of always having good ideas that work, it would save a lot of time!

Which of your designs would you choose to survive a zombie attack?

I would definitely choose a project called “Valencia”, which I did almost a year ago. I know it could be better and that it may not be the most striking, but on a personal level it means a lot because I did it right around Valencia, my hometown, after many years living outside.

If you could go to dinner with a designer, who would you go with?

Hmmm, I could not say. I think I would go with someone who was not in the field of 3D, which is what I drive. I find it very interesting to know the opinions of artists who are further away from what I do every day and always have a different perspective. If I had to say someone I would say Malika Favre or Karan Singh, I have always loved their jobs and they are true geniuses.

Would you prefer to travel to the future or to the past?

I would like to travel to the future, if there is anything left! At the end of the past you can get an idea of what they tell us or what has been left in the books and history. The future now seems unimaginable, in 200 years we remain the same as now or there may have been an extraterrestrial colonization, or humanity has been extinguished … It would be crazy to know what will happen in the future.

In what influential period of design would you like to be born?

I like the time I was born. Especially since there is a lot of ease in seeing art and sharing it, the Internet allows a lot of people to move their work and be relevant when it could not have been the same. It is true that there comes a time where you can be overwhelmed to see so many people working on similar things, or that the instagram forces you to work continuously to increase the feed, but I think it is a very nice time to learn to design and have many references.

How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives?

Attentive, curious and fun.

If you wrote a book, what name would you put it?

No idea, I really don’t think I ever write a book, I don’t have enough patience.

If you could learn to do something new, what would you choose?

I would like to learn to draw well, it is something that I have always had pending and I have never started working on it.

What is the last book you have read?

“Creatividad S.A.” from Ed Catmull.

What could we find in your garbage basket?

Right now a couple of empty boxes from Amazon: p

What is the best memory of your childhood?

Family travel, I have always loved to travel.

What is the rarest object in your room?

I guess some of the figurines on the shelf, there are from pokemon figures to cookies that I brought from Japan and I have not gotten to open.

What is your favorite conversation topic?

I guess about 3d graphics cards, render engines … although not many people like to talk about it! : p

If you could stay your whole life with the same age, what would it be?

Just as I am now, with 27, I would say that I am at my best moment to date.


What do you value most in the design of a furniture wheel?

That it follows a coherence with the furniture and that it fulfills its function correctly.

What if you had to design an object to put wheels what would it be?

An office chair, which is comfortable and beautiful, for all the hours I spend sitting a day.


Alberto Carbonell, España.

Alberto is an Art Director & Motion Designer borned in Valencia, where he studied graphics design and video arts. He finished his last year of studies in Germany, and then he moved to Madrid to keep growing as an artist and person. He worked in studios as El Exilio, Serial Cut and Pleid, and after a long time of learning, he decided to move freelance. Nowadays he is based in Valencia, where he keeps growing as an artist with different jobs and experimentation in 3D Art. Alberto loves beautiful design and animation, and always try to make his job the best.


You can see more designs of Alberto Carbonell aquí or follow it on instagram






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