When designing, what superpower would you like to have?

I would love to see the future, have a greater perspective of the needs of our future generations and be able to contribute positively to society by developing new objects or products.


Which of your designs would you choose to survive a zombie attack?

I think that no design would work, maybe a table that I built in metal and a wood from an old trunk that weighed a lot, would serve to have my last dinner.


If you could go to dinner with a designer, who would you go with?

I would love to have dinner with Christophe Mathieu who was my teacher during the master of furniture design that I did in Barcelona. I think he really is a genius and his designs take years of study so he takes the profession to a much more demanding level.


Would you prefer to travel to the future or to the past?

I believe that neither of the two, would have me bring people who have left in the past and see a little about what comes to us in the coming years.


In what influential period of design would you like to be born?

Maybe in the 50s and 60s. Right at the time where Dieter Rams marks a key point in minimalism, bringing the essentials to his designs. I believe that large corporations or designers with small projects like mine still inspire in their philosophy and ease of understanding of their products.


How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives?

Simple, passionate and paranoid.


If you wrote a book, what name would you put it?

How to build wooden animals part I


If you could learn to do something new, what would you choose?

Maybe learn graphic design, I love the impact that a well-achieved graphic piece can generate. I feel that I am an amateur and I would love to have more knowledge on the subject.


What is the last book you have read?

I do not usually read, maybe one called Anna Yudina’s Furnitecture. Talk about the 4 most important elements in the typology of modern furniture. I read more things in design and tech magazines or blogs.


What could we find in your garbage basket?

At this moment, nothing, I am moving and I do not have a trash basket.


What is the best memory of your childhood?

When I learned to ride a bicycle.


What is the rarest object in your room?

A bed without blankets, I need to buy things.


What is your favorite conversation topic?

Furniture and design.


If you could stay your whole life with the same age, what would it be?

Maybe 23 was still at the University without so many responsibilities.


What do you value most in the design of a furniture wheel?

I would value that its aesthetics will not affect the composition. I would like the wheel to be part of the furniture and will complement it.


What if you had to design an interior with furniture with wheels what would it be?

I would love a portable lamp that was 120 cm from the floor and had wheels to take it anywhere in the house. Using the same lamp with wheels for your whole house would be very useful and you would not have to buy others.




Juan Carlos Franco.

Colombian industrial designer, creator of the Vrokka studio where they firmly believe that design should express simplicity in its lines and preserve that feature of timelessness and neutrality. Reflecting its culture, impregnating unique features such as the tropical woods that we have in our country and the excellent workmanship of our craftsmen.

Each object and space offered in Vrokka will always be distinguished by having sustainability as its base, from the conception of an idea until the execution of the same always taking into account the important social responsibility of the needs of its customers.


To learn more about Vrokka enter  here

Kumo Candle Holder


Bookshelf A1


Stool A1


Moshi [Medellin | Interior Design Collaboration]


Moshi [Medellin | Interior Design Collaboration]




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