When designing, what superpower would you like to have?

We think it’s more fun to design without superpowers, we like to think that we can fail to make the best effort.


Which of your designs would you choose to survive a zombie attack?

Any of our sofas to rest a while, possibly the Cloud.


If you could go to dinner with a designer, who would you go with?

It would be curious to have a dinner with the Eames.


Would you prefer to travel to the future or to the past?

To the future.


In what influential period of design would you like to be born?

This time is great, full effervescence, continuous innovation and we have tools that help us to develop better products.


How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives?

Serious, constant, decisive.


If you wrote a book, what name would you put it?

Enjoy what you do.


If you could learn to do something new, what would you choose?

Piloting an airplane.


What is the last book you have read?

One of a crime novel, by Michael Connelly.


What could we find in your garbage basket?

Many orange skins.


What is the best memory of your childhood?

Endless summers.


What is the rarest object in your room?

Rare any, but we have tiles hanging like pictures, is that valid?


What is your favorite conversation topic?

None in particular, but football is not.


If you could stay your whole life with the same age, what would it be?

The decade of the 30 is the best in which we have lived, we can not comment on the subsequent.


What do you value most in the design of a furniture wheel?

That works well, (that does not get stuck and does not make noise).


What if you had to design an object to put wheels what would it be?

Uhmm, an office chair.


Yonoh Creative Studio.

Valencia, Spain.

Yonoh is a multidisciplinary creative studio set up by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma in 2006. The studio is characterized by it’s simple, yet functional designs.

Simplicity, innovation and originality, without extravagance, is the backbone to their design philosophy studying each small detail minutely in each of their projects. Their versatility, timelessness and adaptability are the cornerstones of the work done in their studio.

During its career Yonoh has been awarded with the most prestigious design prizes worldwide as Red Dot, IF design award, Good Design or Wallpaper* Design Award among others.


To learn more about Yonoh enter  https://yonoh.es






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