Bola, the wheel for the little ones

This wheel is recommended for cribs, youth furniture; although it can be used in other types of utensils.

Multiple colors, multiple solutions.

Adaptable to any auxiliary furniture and in any color. Your imagination will have no limits with this wheel. Designed by Rafael Ortega.


Versatility like her

Putting a wheel in a furniture, with Bola you will have the perfect choice for almost any type of furniture. Whether large, small, for children or for the office.
Use is as great as your imagination.

A rainbow of colors

The great virtue of this wheel is its chameleonic function of adapting both to the environment and its use thanks to the great variety of colors available, either the wheel as its fittings.

Move it and stop it whenever you want

The brake, patented by the company Robby Europe, offers the capacity of rotation or brake of the wheel with simply a twist of wrist. It was never so easy to brake.

Materials for entertaining

Simple design, yet elegant and robust at the same time. Choose the material that best suits your needs, translucent or solid.


Body:: PA/PP | Wheel center: PA/PP | Tread:: PU

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