Koo Evo 75: elegance, style and modernity

Our engineers started from 0 to be able to redesign this wheel. It wanted to
achieve a more harmonious, organic design and adapt it to a timeless style.
And well, we have achieved it and more.

The most beautiful wheel ever made.

A dream or an inspiration that we have been able to manufacture for the first
time. A fusion of engineering and design.


Design and quality hand in hand

Without neglecting the technical quality of the manufacture, this wheel supports
a load of more than 90kgs.

Ergonomic brake

New brake integrated in the wheel, as easy as braking with the hand or with the
foot. There is no longer any excuse for being quiet in one place.

Metal body.

With the metal body, we get a unique robustness and allows a high load.

Unique and unrepeatable.

A wheel designed and patented exclusively by Robby. A redesign and evolution of
the Koo

Koo Evo 75

Body: Zamak | Wheel center: PA | Tread:: PU

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