Koo 65, the most peculiar office wheel

Although it seems impossible, in such a small space, we have developed this wheel with integrated brake. A display of engineering within the reach of very few.

Integrated brake without affecting design.

In a 65mm body we have been able to integrate an automatic function brake, with manual deactivation, maintaining a modern and contemporary aesthetic.


Silence, it's rolling.

Wheel with smooth tread of polyurethane and with SilenceSystem fittings to cancel the unwanted noises in metallic bases.

Own personality

This wheel is composed of a body of 3 parts, a static and two bearing. A wheel that stands out for its appearance and its functionality.

Stronger, more versatile.

A sturdy, weight-resistant wheel that win the Bifma and EN certificates.

Keep rolling...

Metallic bearings have been replaced by static bearings, giving lightness to the wheel without losing its function: roll.


Body:: PA | Wheel center: PA | Tread:: PU

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