Robby was born in 1992 in China, in Zhongshan as a hardware and rolling mill. During all these years, it has specialized in the manufacture and design of all type of wheels in order to supply its customers from all over the world. In June 2011 they received the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate that guaranteed the quality control of their products.
Robby Europe is a company that has been established in Beniarbeig during the year 2014 as its headquarters in Europe to be able to supply its customers


Robby Hardware Products Co was founded in 1992 in Southern China and has a modern factory cove- ring 13,000 sqm. We are a professional manufacturer of furniture castors and have a strong reputation for developing new ideas and products. We have 1,500 loyal customers from countries all around the world.

Robby Europe was established in 2014 in the Spanish province of Valencia to improve the service and lead times to our customers in the region. All our products comply to the highest quality standards and Robby is audited by TUV to ISO 9001:2015 for the past 10 years. Our investment in the quality de- partment and the procedures we use ensure that our products remain at the highest levels possible.

Just as important to Robby is the development of our products and our Design Manager Jose Vinaroz continually develops cutting edge designs that are very pleasing to look at and designed with strong function in mind. This allows Robby to continually de- velop our brand to be a leader in our field. Our recent Bola, Frog, Koo, Olym amd Laia castors are all exam- ples of us taking new ideas into production castors that are successful and give the company great pride.

This is what makes Robby one of the most famous castor brands in the world.


The order is very urgent. “” Do you believe that you can carry out the making of this order? – Of course we can! We can achieve this thanks to our automatic assembly line and our premeditated logistics. In fact, a production process can be simplified by modern machinery and a well-defined plan. The high production capacity ensures a timely delivery without the product deteriorating. At Robby Europe, every order is a challenge and a promise to our customers.


Our Robby Europe office is located in the Beniarbeig industrial estate, near the motorway towards Alicante or Valencia. We have a large warehouse and a showroom area.
In our offices you can meet with our team to test on the wheels.



We have more than 500m2 of warehouse where we store our wheels in organized pallets. More than 1,500,000 wheels to supply the market. Each month we receive more orders from our factory located in China, and for orders of more than 100,000 wheels, we ship directly from the factory.
Come and see us and you will discover that the world of wheels is much more than you think.


In our Showroom located in the offices of Robby Europe you can enjoy our range of wheels, touch them, use them and see in detail.








Carrer Riu Túria, 24
03778, Beniarbeig, Alicante, SPAIN